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yay snow day. Boo needing more hours at placement. but yay snow! Its supposed to snow until tomorrow afternoon or so, we might get 20 inches..whoot! We have somewhere between 6-8 now. Thats about an inch an hour, wow. So we're enjoyoing being snowed in. We got all kinds of food and stuff so we wouldn't have to go out. :) My psy paper is almost done, thank god..and I might actually beable to finish off the semester smoothly. :) I also have a very busy schedule for the next two weeks.

Tomorrow: IF there is school, (for glenburn elem. where I intern) which I doubt, there is a half day there, then I have an appointment at 1. Then finishing up my paper.

Wednesday: classes all day, passing in my paper whoooot!

Thursday: glenburn, regular day

Friday: I think this is a regular day, not sure....

Saturday: toby has a concert, I'm taking the MAT's in the morning, then going shopping with Deb in the afternoon.

Sunday: toby has another concert, going to spend time with tobys fam and babies whoooot :)

Then the next week is also rediculous. I gots 2 more papers, a test, and my portfolio due. Oh, how fun.

I will be working all of finals week at glenburn, so i can have enough hours. Sigh...I hope I an get 200. Right now i'm at the end of the week I should...oh...shit, nevermind. grrrr. *mutters to self*

it will work out some how.
anyway...lots ofstuff going on

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I just happen to have the week off from work. came in handy because the battery in my car is dead, and because of it, i was unable to get the snowtires on my car yet!

However, the snow day here doesnt affect online courses. I still had an exam, two 10-slide powerpoint presentations and an 8 page paper due up. :-\

..oh and thats just for one class. :) yay college!
-Hang in there!

yeah, college sucks some times. :) What class are you taking?

taking Computer Literacy. go figure this is my fourth online class.. One would think the class educating one to use computers and their respective programs would be the FIRST class for online students would take.

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