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Ready for one hell of a year?

Its been building for a long, long time and anyone who studies magic/is intitive has probably felt it. If you aren't interested in such sillyness, might as well skip this part.

In 2007, when the ball dropped, I felt a change. A change in the atmosphere, like things were now set on a course, that could not be changed. It was eciting. When the ball dropped last night, I felt a sense of doom. yikes!

In the end, everything will be fine and be better, the government, laws, values, families, everything is going to change in the next decade. However, it will be kindof scary this next year. Must get worse before better, right? Anyway, here are some predictions I have for 2008 and the next few years to come.

-Already we have expierenced lots of snow. This winter will continue to dump loads of snow on us, i'm talking feet. Some places could have like 5 or 6 feet of packed snow by march. Basically, we will break all kinds of records this year. This is because we have fucked our planet over.
-Storms. This huricane season will be bad. There will be atleast one cat. 5 storm that hits the south, not sure if its flordia or texas area but it will be like katria again and we will lose a lot of life. There will also be some 3 and 4 cat. storms that will have a large impact on the carolinas and surrounding states. Thunderstorms will be numerous in the spring and summer, more so than usual.

-I'm just seeing a lot of dark. may that be in a metaphysical sense or there will really not be a lot of sunshine, i'm not sure.

-A democrat will be elected into office, but the damage has been done and it will take years to get things settled in the middle east. There will be a lot more death, attacks, and murders before its said and done. By 2012-2013 I see us finally all the way out of the middle east and them substaining themselfs.

-Human rights, such as aborition and gay marriage will continue to be faught against, with some close calls if not laws banning it for a time, but eventually, by 2013ish, humans will be aloud to marry whom they wish regardless of sex, and women can have legal abortions at a much lower cost then they are now. (We will be more like denmark/sweden and the rest of the world).

-there will be large amounts of wind and water....I just see alot of wind (tornados, storms) and rain (storms, once again, and floods) I guess its kind of like a world wide cleansing!

-The spiritual world will be changing/colliding, coming out into the open. People will be more aware of spirits, magical beings and so on, and if they don't know what to call it they'll just say the world seems more wimsickle, and people are more happy. This once again will not be fully inplace until 2013.

-Anyone who knows about nostrdomas knows he said something simular to "the world will end in 2012" well, what that meant was it is going to be reborn into something different, and something better. Life as we know it is ending.

Basically, all of my pagan friends are probably like "duh" after reading all of this, since many of us could feel this building for years. Its weird to talk about it in a public forum, but it feels good. 2013 things will be much different and this is the begining of it all.....enjoy, and be safe. My best advice is to know yourself, and your values because they will be challenged in the next 5 years. You will need to know where you stand.

That is all for now. Happy new year.

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Did Nostradamus predict 2012, also? I knew the Mayans did, but I didn't know He did, too.

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